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Fed. A. Beason

Bishop Fedlyn Beason is a second-generation preacher, son of the late Deacon Hartley Beason and his wife, Therisa, of Croft’s Hill, Clarendon, in Jamaica. He was converted to Christianity at the age of 15 and began preaching at age 16. His formal Christian ministry, which began in 1963, spans more than 57 years and has been characterized as that of tenacity, visionary innovativeness, and consummate leadership. 

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Our Story

After serving for many years as Local Pastor and District Overseer, he served as Administrative Bishop of the New Testament Church of God in Jamaica and the Cayman Islands for an unprecedented eight years (1990-1998). In 1998, Bishop Beason was promoted to the position of Field Director for the Church of God Caribbean World Missions (overseeing 49 countries), where he gave 14 years of unprecedented service (1998–2012).    


Academic Achievements

In his pursuit of excellence in service to God and humanity, Bishop Beason excelled academically. His journey began at Bethel Bible College, where he earned a Diploma in Theology, and culminated with the achievement of a Ph.D. from European Theological Seminary, and a Doctor of Divinity from Canada Christian College. He is the author and co-author of several publications which include:

  • Prosperity Gospel and its Adverse Effects on the Church`, A Biblical Perspective, 1993

  • Who cares for the children;

  • How to develop and manage a megachurch,

  • Back to Basics in values and attitude,

  • The Church, it’s permanence and stability

  • Stewardship of your calling,

  • The eschatological and apocalyptic realities of Pentecostalism.

  • Unconditional eternal security, true or false.


Professional Achievements

His numerous ministerial achievements include:

  • Being part of the Church of God delegation to Jerusalem in 1995, in celebration of the City of David;

  • A representative of the Church of God to South Africa in the fight against Apartheid;

  • Twelve years’ service on the International Executive Council of the Church of God (representing 180 countries);

  • Keynote speaker at the International General Assembly of the Church of God, in San Antonio, Texas, 1998;

  • The representative of the Church of God to Jakarta, Indonesia, in 2010, where he addressed 15,000 church leaders on “How to minister to hurting people during times of natural disasters”.

As a public servant to the Jamaican people, he has had the distinction of serving in the capacity of:

  • Religious advisor to a former Prime Minister and a former Governor-General of Jamaica;

  • Chairman of the Board of Governors for the Eastern Regional Hospitals in Jamaica (Annotto Bay, Buff Bay, Pt. Antonio, Isaac Barrant, and Princess Margaret);

  • Chairman of the Board of Governors for the Central Regional Hospitals in Jamaica (KPH, National Chest, Hope Institute, and Bellevue);

  • Chairman of the Board of Governors for the Passley Gardens Teacher’s College;

  • Chairman of the Boards of Governors for the Port Antonio High School.


Bishop Beason has had the privilege of receiving the following awards:

  • National Award for Outstanding Community Service from the Prime Minister of Jamaica in 1998;

  • Genius Laureate of the 21st Century Award for distinguished Professionalism and Mastery in the field of community development and religion, by the American Biographical Institute, 2005;

  • The Heritage Registry of Who’s Who, 2007-2008; 2009-2010;

  • Keys to the County of Broward, Florida, 2013; and

  • The Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr Proclamation Award, from the Town of Davie, Florida, 2019.


In addition to being a Justice of the Peace for the island of Jamaica, he is a registered family counselor, marriage officer, and Notary Public in the state of Florida. He has been married for more than 54 years to Esmine, nee James, an educator. The union has produced two children, Ferrona, a Professor at Barry University, in the state Florida; and Oral, an attorney at law, also in the state of Florida. Bishop Beason is now a Church Growth Consultant, who works out of Florida, and continues pastoral ministry as senior pastor for the Davie Community Worship Center, in Davie, Florida.

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