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To become a Spirit-empowered, caring, cross-cultural church, geared towards building and sustaining healthy, prosperous families; equipping and organizing members for effective lifestyle evangelism and discipleship; and establishing a culture that nurtures and facilitates emerging leaders among youths.


Mission Statement: Through the utilization of a culture of Pentecostal worship, cross-cultural outreach, and relational ministries, Fellowship New Testament Church of God equips and organizes its members for effective lifestyle evangelism and discipleship, with emphasis on the discovery and nurture of Christian leaders.


Core Values:

  1. Intimacy with God: Pursuing passionate intimacy with God through becoming a house of prayer, penitence, and scriptural holiness

  2. Pentecostal Worship: Becoming a prophetic covenant community through yieldedness to the Holy Spirit so that we are persons who manifest His love, power, fruit and gifts in the life of the church and in the world

  3. Multicultural Focus: Building a caring multicultural covenant community through loving acceptance, caring fellowship, and regular participation in the sacraments

  4. Family: Building healthy families through proactive interventions that target life-stage needs of family members through counseling, workshops and seminars, retreats and getaways

  5. Global Mission: Maintaining an international global-multicultural missions focus through Spirit-empowered proclamation of Christ, financial support, church planting, lifestyle evangelism, and delivery of targeted full-service needs-based care programs.

  6. Discipleship and Servant Leadership: Equipping and empowering members to become committed disciples and servant-leaders by instilling a biblical worldview through practice of the spiritual disciplines (prayer, fasting, scripture learning, and worship), training, mentoring, and providing opportunities for the practice of leadership

  7. Stewardship: Promoting Biblical stewardship as a divine law for Kingdom advancement, personal wealth and prosperity of the church

  8. Integrity: Demonstrating and safe-guarding personal and corporate integrity by establishing and maintaining robust standards and systems of moral and financial accountability and transparency

  9. Partnership: Actively engaging and partnering with other churches, institutions and leaders of like faith and mind to promote God’s interests of salvation, righteousness, justice and mercy in the world

  10. Rapture Focus: Maintaining fervent hope in the rapture of the Church and the second coming of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

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